Whats Going To Be The Video Game News For 08

Even if the PS3 got a little slow start in 2007, don’t let that fool you … the PS3 is preparing for a big year with some hot releases expected. Here’s a summary of three games coming out in 2008: EA’s NFL Tour, HAZE from Free Radical Design, and Konami’s Coded Arms Assault.\

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NFL Tour

Coming from the BIG division of EA Sport is what can be considered part of the successful NFL Street series. They ditched streets and beaches in favor of larger show theaters. No more playing with barrels and street side walls, you are playing in front of huge crowds with fireworks and full 9 yards. There are also some developments in the game: if the player starts calling, he will be given the opportunity to break the interference, trip the receiver, or give his “umph” shot a bit more. Street game players will see the power-ups known as “Gamebreaker”, and much of the game will remain unchanged, but the graphics look improved. This game is expected to launch on January 8th, so prepare!


By playing as a recruiter in a corporate army owned by a large Mantel organization that is supposed to be peacekeeping, you are expected to play this game at least twice. Why twice? Well, once on both sides, this is obviously because playing on the Mantel side you realize that you, along with your fellow soldiers, are randomly injected with a drug called Nectar, but that does lead to some unexpected results. The other time I sided with the rebels, against whom I was fighting very brutally. With great looking graphics and an artificial intelligence that doesn’t seem useless … this gem will be launched in the United States on January 18th.

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