Free Zone Launches A New Promotional Site Theipoddeal Com

On Monday October 1, Free zone launches another promotion aimed at iPod lovers: This site offers new Apple iPods to participants of its promotional program. It is simple and easy. There are more than 300 sponsors in the promotion ranging from free trials to online services. Sponsors also cover shipping and handling costs for the products.

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This site is similar to the ones reviewed on and Engadget, except that instead of having to convince friends to sign up for a free iPod, is entirely a do-it-yourself promotion. “. Participants can do it to their liking, returning at their discretion. Because the offers are so accessible and common (unlike sites that force you to sign up for more daunting activities), attendees have much more time to complete the program quickly.

Attendees can choose between iPod Classic, iPod Nano and the new iPod Touch. Priced at approximately $ 400.00, iPod touch has 8-16GB memory for storing videos, data, and of course, music. It has WiFi and music download capabilities, a large 3.5-inch diagonal screen for a much simpler video viewing experience, and a state-of-the-art interface. IPod Nano has 4 to 8 GB of memory and a 2-inch (diagonal) color screen for viewing photos and videos. The iPod Classic leads the rest in memory with 80 or 160GB of storage, making it pretty much an external hard drive. With a smaller screen of about 2.5 “(diagonal) it’s not quite the luxurious mini movie player of its younger iPod Touch cousin, but it’s certainly a respectable multimedia machine.

Free Zone has not announced how long the promotion will continue, however, with hundreds of sponsors “joining” the program each month; it’s definitely a great way to get one of these in time for Christmas.

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